Brick and Tile Cleaner


BRICK & TILE CLEANER is mixture of acid & selected  surfactants designed to neutralise rust and grout from the surface of terra cotta tiles etc

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Dilute 1 part plus 4 parts water, (1+4 is the most common concentration used), apply to the surface to be treated using a deck brush to scrub. Allow to work for a few minutes, flush with water, then neutralise the substrate with 5% solution of sodium bicarbonate (500grm/10L water), flush again with clean water, allow to dry.

Sealing of  the surface should be considered to reduce reoccurring efflorescence. Please consult our sales staff.

Do not use BRICK & TILE CLEANER neat or undiluted as it may remove the glaze from tiles and cementious surfaces.  

Handy tips –

  1. Always work with cleaner while it is wet. If it dries before you flush, re-apply, scrub then bicarb flush for best result.
  2. When cleaning up heavy efflorescence, you will have to wait for the surface to dry to see if a further application may be required.
  3. BRICK & TILE CLEANER will not turn terracotta tiles green as hydrochloric acid based cleaners do.

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